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Doctor & Nurse Headshot Photos
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Doctor & Nurse Headshot Photos
Photo by Klaus Nielsen on Pexels As you can probably tell, we love shooting professional headshots here at The Professional Picture Company! They are one of our most popular service offerings as well as one of the top services we offer online. We have to say, it is definitely growing in popularity. We get asked about them every day! Professional headshots help your business’s image, keep you in practice for photographer’s rules (no shot with your dog!), increase your income by increasing the price you list yourself at, and create an overall more polished look for your business or personal profile. They are also a great way to boost your self-confidence. If you don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera, no one will believe in that talent for photography you have lurking beneath the surface.

Wearing the right clothes

  When trying to get hired as a doctor, one of the first things employers look at is your professional headshot. They want to see you looking like someone who loves what they do for a living, and who would be a good representative of their company. Clothing makes a big difference in how well you feel dressed for such an important position. If you are not sure if your current wardrobe has enough white clothing in it, then it’s time to make some changes! Picking out new pieces that convey professionalism while also being aesthetically pleasing is a way to refresh your wardrobe and boost your confidence.

Good hair day

Woman Wearing Pink Top Photo by Moose Photos on Pexels As we all know, being professional means putting in effort into your appearance. We spend time grooming ourselves and making sure our look is just right. Running around after work or before work can be hectic so it’s hard to find the time to do our own personal styling. Many of us get tired of having the same hairstyle every day and spending money trying to find that elusive perfect hairdo. So, what if there was a way to gain professional looking headshots without leaving the house? Well, there is! There are many companies that will take care of everything for you! You simply need to pick one and create an account with them. They will then send you pre-packaged business clothes and hairstyles that match their website domain. This gives you a very clean picture because nothing else looks good next to white shirts and dress pants. Your potential client may also give you some tips on how to pose properly too.

Great make up

Portrait of Female Doctor Photo by Max Mishin on Pexels As discussed earlier, doing your best to avoid making too many direct eye contacts with patients is totally fine! That said, you are allowed to take some breaks during a session if you need to step away or have an urgent matter that needs your attention. Having a good doctor head shot photo can help set your career aside for the better. It will give you professional looking photos of yourself after practicing medicine- which goes along with being a doctor! There are several ways to do this but we will discuss one way in particular here.

Smart shoes

A Person Tying their Shoelaces Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels While trying to get professional headshots, one of the most expensive things is footwear. Luckily, there are some great shoe brands that offer doctor-level quality medical footwear. If you are looking to save money by buying your own personal pair, check out Nike or Adidas shoes that feature leather that has been re-tooled to be soft and floppy. They are referred to as sports performance footwear because of this! If you are more fashion oriented, look for leather shoes with tonal detailing or patterning. This can include geometric patterns, pictures, or even florals! The key is to not make them too busy, however, so they do not go unnoticed.

Soft glow

Pensive female browsing smartphone while recording video on camera in dark room Photo by SHVETS production on Pexels As we mentioned before, professional headshots require very specific lighting to create the best image. When doing your own, you can use anything as long as it is natural light or photoshoot light. Photographers have trained teams of professionals who work with this type of light so most people cannot take great pictures without one. It is important to understand how to use this type of light for better results! The key thing about soft-glow light is that it does not contain much of any trace of warmth. This makes colors look more neutral and attractive. Because color is less prominent in soft-glow lights, it removes some of the stress that could potentially make people put effort into looking good. Overall, color fades away when there is enough of this kind of light present. People usually hold their heads higher when under a soft-glow light than normal light because they feel confident in their appearance.

Better background

A Doctor Smiling while Leaning on the Table Photo by Ivan Samkov on Pexels As mentioned earlier, your doctor’s office will usually provide you with instructions to edit your medical photo. These can be difficult to follow since they may ask you to use an empty room or put something in front of you that is not part of the picture. If possible, try taking your own pictures instead! Find a location and time where there are few or no other people around and get some close-up photos. If possible, have someone else take the photographs for you as well. You do not need special equipment to take good headshots — most smart phones now have adequate camera settings. The more professional level cameras also have toolboxes which allow you to control various features like exposure and focus. Use these! Drift away long enough for them to capture what they want and then quickly reapproach to get their best shot.

Try using a different pose

Crop doctor in medical uniform with stethoscope standing in clinic corridor Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels A while ago I wrote an article about how to take your doctor headshot seriously. You may have noticed that most do not use their hands as they look through the lens. They usually keep their arms up or crossed, etc. This is because professional photographers use special equipment to achieve this effect. It is expensive! Therefore, you should try taking pictures with your own camera to see if it works for you. Then, once you find one way you like, you can slowly invest in better lighting equipment. There are many ways to pose before your doctor’s office but here are some tips based off of my experience.

Learn to be natural

As with any other type of professional photography, being a good doctor headshot photographer requires you to be very familiar with your area’s hospitals and medical facilities. You need to make sure that nothing about the photo or the patient looks staged or manufactured. Instead, use candid photos where patients and doctors interact without prompts. A great way to achieve this is to invite your potential client to come pick their own picture day at their convenience. This also gives you more time to prepare for the shoot! Another important thing to remember when taking pictures of doctors is to never put too much pressure on them to look perfect while they are in work clothes. Doctors spend a lot of time looking professional so it would feel weird if they did not, but taking casual photos will give you better results.

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