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Headshot Photography Setup
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Headshot Photography Setup
As mentioned earlier, headshots are one of the most popular photography types. They can be for business purposes (for example, to use in LinkedIn profiles or online resumes), personal reasons (to put up on your website or social media profile pictures), or just because you love them! Most professional photographers have at least one additional career skill that involves taking lots of headshots. Some even have special equipment designed exclusively for this type of photo. This article will cover some tips and tricks for taking great headshot photos using off-the-shelf lighting and photoshopping.

Using reflectors

  Photo by Harrison Haines on Pexels A common way to light someone is by using a white or silver background as a source of light. This is called a backlight! By adding a reflective surface, you can use less direct sunlight as your main light source and more off-the-shelf lighting equipment like lamps and flash units to work with it. A large foam board or cardboard with an adhesive layer on one side is a great reflective surface. You can cut this into various shapes and sizes and stick it onto another surface or person to add extra light! This technique is very helpful in creating soft, beautiful shadows and highlights.

Taking your photo in the natural light

headshot photography setup When it comes to taking professional headshots, there are two main types of lighting used: Natural light and photographic flash. Most people choose to do personal headshots using artificial light, but for more formal photos such as business portraits or event photography. Artificial light is not allowed! That’s why most professional headshot photographers use only natural light! By employing the right amount of sunlight or candlelight, they can get great-looking pictures of you. By creating an environment that is familiar to you (or at least looks like one!), they can capture what kind of person you are just by having some shots! This also helps reduce nervousness because you feel comfortable with the setting, making for better photographs. Natural light is usually the best option unless you have no control over this illumination source.

Using the background

Concrete Hallway Between White Pillars and Building Photo by Pixabay on Pexels A common way to use headshots is as decorations or backgrounds for other content. You can take a more creative approach with this! For example, instead of using it as an individual photo, you could create a whole photoshoot around a person’s face. Or you could do a collection of still-life photos where your model puts something artistic together. These types of headshot photography are very popular because people find them interesting. If you want to increase website traffic, doing headshot photography is a great way to start. It’s also a nice way to make money if you are a professional photographer with little time due to other commitments. There are many ways to achieve good headshot photographs. One of the most important things about taking a picture of someone is their expression. Your model must be able to look into the camera without having a strong facial expression. They should appear natural and relaxed. General tips If you are trying to get a candid photograph, then your model doesn’t need to feel pressured by the setting. They don’t need to agree to pose unless they really want to. This is easier said than done though, so be aware of potential distractions before starting a session. Held items such as a glass or bottle can easily distract from the subject, making it hard to capture their expression.

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