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Headshot Photography What To Wear
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Headshot Photography What To Wear

As discussed in my previous article, headshots are one of the most popular photography types. They can be for yourself or others (business use), they cost no more than you would pay for other type photos, and there is an endless amount of applications and ways to use them.

However, like any other genre of photography, what clothes you wear depends on how professional you want to look. On the plus side, you will get better quality photographs if you are familiar with fashion. You can find great inspiration by looking through pictures and videos online and from magazines. Making sure your hair is done properly and that your makeup looks good is also important so that it does not distract people from focusing on you as their next impression! This article will talk about some general tips for taking your own headshot s and some helpful websites where you can find even more.

Decide what features you like

As with any form of artistic expression, body image is very important to headshot photography. You want to make sure your looks are authentic and natural. Yours should be clearly defined by your clothes and how you pose in them! The hardest part about wardrobe planning for headshots is deciding what items you will need. There are many ways to approach this. You can do it via online shopping sites such as Amazon or eBay, looking at pictures of similar fashion pieces, or directly asking people who have done well with their own personal style. Overall, I find that people’s personal styles shift over time. A few years ago, most fashionable people wore lots of leather shoes and flashy jewelry. These things aren’t popular anymore unless you are really into bold trends. So, look through recent photos from events you attended, or places you visited recently and see what types of clothing people were wearing. Then add some soft textures, non-intimidating colors, and simple accessories to match.

Decide what features you don't like

headshot photography what to wear As we mentioned before, your head shot will be viewed by someone who has invested their time in looking at your profile, viewing pictures of you, and potentially meeting you so they can determine if they want to connect with you or not. Don’t make it difficult for them! If there is something that you have noticed people avoiding or never using when taking a picture of you, do not use that as part of your photo shoot! For example, if you frequently show off your belly button then don’t pose with your hands covering it or holding it tight. Let yourself look beautiful and relaxed! If you are very tall, don’t lean back so far that you look taller than everyone else (this may appeal to you!). Keep it natural and balanced. Avoid wearing logos or clothes that could be seen as flashy or distracting from the person being photographed. Fun jewelry is fine but nothing too crazy.

Find your perfect outfit

headshot photography what to wear When it comes to headshot photography, what you wear is very important! Luckily, we have some of the best dress styles covered here at Vani’s Style Tips. We will go over different types of clothing, color schemes, and how to mix and match for an incredible look.

Check the weather

headshot photography what to wear When it comes to choosing what clothes to wear for headshot photography, your weather is one of the main factors! As you know, our photographer will be spending some time with you so they’ll want to make sure you are comfortable and able to show off your authentic self. Since we can’t control the season or climate, I would recommend wearing clothing that you feel good in and that doesn’t have too much loose material. We don’t want you looking like The Hulk during his most battle-ready state! I also suggest keeping things simple – stripes, solid colors, no flouncy dresses or skirts unless you’re planning on doing a more formal engagement session.

Make sure you are dressed appropriately

headshot photography what to wear When it comes to headshot photography, your look does not matter as much as what looks good and is comfortable for you. You will be sitting down for most of the time that you are being photographed so make sure that you do not have any hidden secrets or body parts that can be seen! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry about looking perfect, just focus more on looking like yourself and having fun! We always suggest going into a studio warmly dressed in layers so you can take off things if needed. Make sure to wash all of your clothes before the session so they are definitely out! Also, bring an extra pair of shoes (or ask someone else to get one for you) since some settings require footwear.

Pay attention to the location

headshot photography what to wear After having a good time with your friend, you will probably head back home or to their place. If you are driving someone else’s car, then they should let you know if it is okay to turn off the vehicle and go somewhere more public like a parking lot or something. If that isn’t an option, then ask if there is a nearby hotel or restaurant where you can have some coffee before going home. Your friends/family member will almost definitely be grateful for this tip! I would also recommend wearing something comfortable and easy to take off. Most people feel awkward taking pictures of themselves so it can sometimes cause them to lose confidence in their own photo skills.

Make sure it is comfortable

headshot photography what to wear When trying on outfits, remember that you will be sitting for many minutes! Find something that is comfortable and fits well. You don’t want to feel restricted in movements or too bulky. Avoid clothing items with large logos or flashy materials, they may distract people from looking at your beautiful face. Try finding pieces that are neutral toned and classic. Don’t worry about being totally nude, most professional headshot photographers only require a plain white t-shirt and jeans.

Hold your headshot camera properly

headshot photography what to wear When holding your device up for a portrait, make sure you have trained your hands in proper photography techniques. With this tip, we will go into more detail about what hand positions are necessary for taking pictures of yourself with your phone or other similar devices. First, let’s talk about how to hold your smartphone when taking self-portraits. Many people use their index finger as a pointer to highlight an area of the picture. But this can look very awkward and posed if done without any training. By practicing using different hands, your fingers will feel more comfortable and natural looking. The most common way to hold your phone is with your thumb on the screen, and then the rest of your fingers framing the face. Your middle and third fingers should be able to touch each other while your ring and pinky fingers hang down slightly outside of the screen frame. Your thumbs should easily slide across the screen surface so that you can re-position it later if needed. This way your portrait does not look like someone just pointed at themselves, but rather like they had planned to take a selfie before doing so.

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