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Model Headshot Photographer

As a photographer, your first job is to capture people’s attention and keep it there. Your clients will spend lots of time looking at your work, so you should invest in good photography equipment and techniques.

A great head shot photo is one that makes its viewer feel something. It can be inspiring or motivating, attractive or intriguing. It can even create a sense of awe or curiosity. Some say great photos make us look like we have a perfect life, but I disagree. A great photograph often reveals things about the person taking the picture! We can tell if someone is happy, sad, angry, excited, confident, etc., just from their facial expression and body language. This article will talk more about some helpful tips for becoming a model head shot photographer.

Tell the photographer what you like

model headshot photographer Photo by jimmy-c on Pexels As a model, you will need to know how to pose for a camera! The best way to learn this is by practicing, practicing, practicing. There are many ways to take professional headshots, so there’s no wrong way to do it. Some models prefer natural looking photos with very little photoshop. Others enjoy experimenting more. Either way, as a model, you should be familiar with all of the settings on your photo device and software. You don’t want someone taking extra time editing their pictures and you not knowing about it. Technically proficient photographers may choose to spend some time teaching others the basics, but that isn’t always feasible. So, as a beginner or intermediate level artist, try finding a local photographer who takes custom portrait work and see if they would be willing to show you the ropes. Many artists offer affordable trial sessions where you can experiment and get tips from them.

Let the photographer know what you are comfortable with

model headshot photographer As a model, your success in being hired will depend heavily on the staff members that you meet during the process. The more prepared you are for this meeting, the better! Being able to describe who you are as a person and talking about things that matter to you can help make you come across as more authentic and less faked. Staff members will be looking to see if you have done research into the company, whether that is through social media or talking to people directly around you. They also want to feel like they could talk to you off-camera without getting a fake response or no response at all from you. Making sure your look is matching and appropriate for the event you are attending is another way to show respect for the business you are representing and their products. Your wardrobe should match the event’s dress code and how professional you intend to look. Make sure your hair and makeup looks good and is natural. For both men and women, keeping your nails short and clean makes you appear healthier and sharper.

Try different outfits

model headshot photographer As mentioned before, your model’s look is one of the most important parts of taking their own head shot. While some people have pretty straightforward looks, like someone who does not wear much jewelry or no makeup, you will want to be more creative with yours! There are many ways to do this. You can ask friends to help you find clothes that match their style, or you can go shopping yourself. Either way, make sure to be comfortable in what you are wearing. And if nothing really works, then at least try something new! We all need to learn how to challenge our styles sometimes. Another option would be to search for pictures of similar types of clothing and see what other photographers have done with theirs. Or maybe even take some fashion classes or watch some YouTube videos about fashionable clothes. Briefly discuss the setting and tone you want to create for your photos before choosing your clothes. If it is for an engagement photo, then perhaps looking casual is better than dressy. And if it is for a fun run/work get-together, then something simple and fun is best. Given that we are talking about modeling here, I feel obligated to tell you that unless you are very thin, professional level head shots may cost quite a bit. Therefore, instead of buying cheap tights or sweatshirts, research online sites where you can buy designer head gear.

Bring a friend

As mentioned before, having your friends or family as a participant in the shoot is a great way to have more people willing to pay for professional head shots! If you are very comfortable with them, ask if they would like to be paid for their own photo session, then have them take some pictures of you together so that you can use those for your social media profiles and/or website content. This not only helps you get new business, it also gives you free photoshoots! A lot of artists will agree to do this as they believe in promoting themselves, but honestly, it’s just good net profit for them 🙂 Another reason why having friends as participants is important is because they can help mitigate any nervousness or shyness you may have when shooting yourself. They can play an integral part in helping you feel relaxed and confident while doing what you love for money.

Practice posing

model headshot photographer When it comes to fashion, people are always looking for new ways to update their look or find something new they want to add into their collection. The way we dress directly reflects who we are as individuals – our style is what defines us! As seen with many of today’s top models, having a good model headshot is one of the first things anyone seeking to become a professional photographer will need to do. Model headshots are just that – portraits of you as a person being photographed with your hair and makeup done by a professional artist. They are typically taken in natural light with a camera close at hand to ensure the image looks its best. But before getting those perfect pictures, there are some basic poses everyone should know how to pose in. By practicing these out-of-the-box positions, you’ll be sure to get great photos once you hit the stage. The easiest position to learn is the sitting down/standing up pose. This can easily be adapted into several different ones depending on what body shape you have.

Bring a friend to show and tell

model headshot photographer As mentioned before, having your partner or friends do a headshot with you is a great way to connect as people. Your loved one can look professional while also being able to relate to your personality because they know you! This is especially helpful if you are not very camera friendly or comfortable in front of a camera. Having someone help you envision yourself in different situations helps you get more familiar with how you feel when you are in that situation. It’s like taking a nice, relaxed stroll through your own life as a photographer! 😉 And for those who have done this before? They may be able to give some tips or tricks for you to learn. It’s always good to ask and listen! Another reason why having a friend take your photo is so important is because it creates some built-in accountability. You will probably notice that your friend is keeping an eye on you, making sure you don’t disappear under the hairbrush! 😉 He or she will likely be asking questions about the photo such as what kind of pictures you want, whether there should be a casual pose or something formal, and things of that nature. This gives you time to think about these things and process any nerves that may arise.

Wearing a scarf or scarf clip is a good idea

As we mentioned before, having your hair in place is important to include in your head shot. But what kind of hairstyle you should use and whether it’s necessary comes down to your personal style and how professional you want to look. If you love long, flowing locks, then by all means, go for that! It can be difficult to get those perfect curls or hairs that are naturally wavy, so use gel or spray to achieve this. Just make sure your hands are not too wet as this may distort the picture. Alternatively, if you like short haircuts, such as a crew cut or shaved heads, these work well too! Simply run some powder under your nose to prevent dark lines there. And if you prefer something more formal, then wearing a suit with matching shoes and a nice looking house is best! But overall, unless you are very comfortable in clothing that match and coordinate, I would suggest investing in some fashion clothes or at least including some jewelry.

Bring a favorite photo of yourself to the shoot

model headshot photographer While some people hire professional headshot photographers, you can also do it yourself! Hiring someone is always the better option as they have trained professionals working for them, but anyone can take good headshots if you know what ingredients to include in your setting and photograph. The first thing that most people miss when taking their own headshot photos is the backdrop. A background can make or break the look you are going for so making one ahead of time will help you get great pictures later. A well-lit room with no decorations is best because it allows for natural light to really show off your face. Try holding a mirror up next to a window or using a cheap curtain as a frame. Many people start by trying to pose with their hands on their hips, however this camera angle does not work unless the photographer has done this before.

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